Public School Bible Teaching


Bible classes and prayer in public high schools???
NOT in the USA, but ABSOLUTELY in Haiti through CIDM.

Brisso and Jean Carlo, CIDM’s bible teachers are teaching at 7 public junior/senior high schools every week, reaching over 1,100 Haitian youth with the truth and hope of the gospel. This is not a voluntary class, but a weekly mandatory class, requested by the Principals and part of the students’ weekly schedule. One hour of Bible per week with an evangelistic and biblical application emphasis.

Other class activities include bible memorization, Q&A, prayer and fun games such as Bible drills. Regularly, students accept the Lord in their classroom and attend the Saturday Lavi Reyel bible study, where they are taught deeper truths from God’s Word.

As opportunities arise to teach Bible in more Jacmel public schools our prayer is for God to provide the right Haitian Bible teacher/CIDM staff and the funding to do so.

How to Support this Ministry:


Sponsor a teacher

To expand the teaching ministry to more schools we need to hire more Bible teachers. Please support a teacher’s salary for a week at $100 or a full month at $400.

Pay a Teacher for a Week - $100 Pay a Teacher for a full Month - $400